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    Hope I am not trying to cram too much into one post. I am new, getting a bit of a grip on all this but am terribly excited about the possibilities. A couple of things ...
    1. I would like to create people walking, etc. There are alot of amazing Q's with loads of motion. What is the basic way to get to that point? I love Quicktrace. I want to animate a Quicktrace (more than what is shown on the tutorial vid). I noticed the brief discussion on the animated GIF. So can you not import any sort of animation?

    2. Can QS work with a graphics tablet?

    Thanks bunches!
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    My 2 cents:

    1. Quickshow is a great product, really cool, though for the incredibly low (entry level) price you have to expect some limitations and Tracing Video is one of them. All the powerful Quicktrace features are available BEYOND. It comes with a program called TraceIT.

    I recently upgraded from Quickshow to Essentials and glad I did. With a lot of the stuff you see in Quickshow you think to yourself, "how did these guys do that?" and "wow what an animation!". If you upgrade to BEYOND you'll see its got all the expert features to do that amazing stuff much easier.

    2. Like a Wacom for drawing? Yes.

    I do all my laser programming/operation on a Surface Pro 3 and its great for seeing what your pressing or in your case drawing.

    Even if you're a professional animator it will be easier, higher quality and a lot, lot faster to program in BEYOND.
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    Thank you for that. Yes, that was going to be my next line of questions. HOW do I get some of the imagines/animations they do in the pre-canned stuff? I did a logo for our group and the amount of time it is taking to modify it to work on my projector. How do they do the curves to make up the large FPS so it isn't hard on the eyes. Do you know .. can I get TraceIT on its own? Does it need Beyond to work?
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    You can download some from the portal:

    The good animations are done using a plugin for 3D Max:

    Read Bill's tips and tricks here for advice on how to correct flickering outputs:

    Sorry correction, TraceIT does come on its own, you just download it from the updates page:

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    probing further ...


    Thank you for this. It has been a while since I have visited this as I had to go on a journey of programmable fairy lights and hoping to marry the two wonderful worlds.

    I tried to download & open TraceIT on my new Win10 Lenovo but the Application file just briefly blinked and then nothing. It looks quite old ... possibly not compatible with Win10??

    Thank you for the reference posting about flickering. I sort of added 2 + 2 before seeing that and figured it out. I do like the right click to be able to see the number of points vs the FPS that was mentioned.

    I was considering with investing in Beyond. I am looking at 3.0 (which i guess has yet to be released). I would LOVE to be able to create smooth curves / animations like they do in the canned ones. You mention 3D Max. Isn't that a program in its own right? Can you create these in Beyond? It looks like 3.0 has considerably more capability. The Pangolin site has me somewhat confused about the pricing scheme. Seems to say $795 in one instance but then $1495 in another place.

    I am new into this but see great potential and would love to come up the curve on all this.

    On a side note, I am curious how projecting on to a water fall, bubbles, smoke works and the up/down side. Any experience with all that or articles you might suggestl?
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    Hi All. I have a question about the video trace in TraceIT.
    Is it possible to reduce Frames rate offered by the program by default (=1000), when opening a video file.
    This causes the generation of a very large number of frames.