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    Hey guys, I know a lot of you have had a lot of success with the APC40 and Bome's MIDI Translator. I've manged to get my grid to emulate key strokes in the basic way. However the problem I have not found a work around for that I'm sure some of you have figured out is that the grid buttons give out the same MIDI single horizontally.

    If anyone one knows how to remap these buttons so I can have them out putting unique MIDI values/channels so I can map out the grid the same as the keyboard I would be very appreciative.
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    If you're talking about QuickShow, then there are certainly limitations with respect to the MIDI functionality currently available.

    If you're talking about BEYOND I would encourage you to re-post this question in the PangoScript section. With PangoScript, you can make BEYOND do literally anything.

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    William Benner
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    When you are learning the midi keys and you press one of the cue buttons you probably notice something like "pp 08 12" but see two notes on the bottom part. If you click on the bottom one first it represents when the push the button down and the second one is when you released it. So after you click on the actual one you want it will only do that button and not the whole row of them. It drove me nuts and took forever to figure out. Here is another trick I also installed the loopBe1 virtual midi port so you can use the midi loop thru on midi translator so you select the apc40 for the midi in on midi translator then the loopbe1 virtual midi port for the out and in quickshow you select the loopbe1 for the midi in device and can use all the functions of the apc40 for all the things that quickshow will actually control with midi. Plus you can plug in the midi device after you started quickshow since loopbe1 is always running. I can control pretty much all of the functions with keyboard short cuts and with midi control with no problem. While you don't get the same functionality you do with the keyboard it still is useful to at least trigger the cues. I attached a template you can import to midi translator and should work fine it has all the letters upper case and lower and the functions keys to control the pages let me know how it works out.

    Bob Moran

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