Any advice for image imported into TraceIT

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    Im now working on project that I need to customize my images.
    I create footage in Adobe After effect with particles and line and convert by TraceIT.

    I just figure out that if pixel I used to create line too thick, it will be convert into two lines. If I create particles too close, it will be linked to a line.

    Is there any tips or suggestion for creating graphic??
    Also, in Trace IT, if I import an image, I can select which way I wanna convert.(for example, Auto colors, Seperate, centerline) but I didnt see any option for video tracer. Can it be selected, too?

    Thank you!
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    You need to decide, what kind of tracing you want. For centerline tracing style the ideal source picture is where the lines has 1 pixel width, and not anti-aliasing. So, single pixel width, without breaks - it work the best. Program simply follow the path you supply. Minimum colors is welcome too.

    The video part, I think it use current preset/settings. But I may be wrong.

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    Hi Alexey,

    Thanks for your kindly reply. Will try again! :-D