Any kind of 3D import possible in Quickshow ?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Hayd, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Hayd

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    Is it possible to import ILDA frames to produce basic 3D objects like a spinning cube for example ? If so are the Flash converter or Cinema 4D converters available to run independently so that you can make shows to import ?
    Only just got Quickshow & FB3, and I don't see the 3D available in it.


  2. decix

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    Just what I was talking about in this thread ;)

    I've tested that, yes you can import 3D ILDA frames into QS and rotate them etc.

    Those programs are only included in the LD2000 software and need a QM2000 to run.

    Get LA Studio. It's the former FB3 software package and includes an editor called "Draw 3D" which is capable of creating real 3D frames and saving them to ILDA format.
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    Thanks for the info Decix really useful as I am new to ILDA software, only having used DMX to control my lasers in the past.

    Any idea where I can get a copy of LA Studio from ?


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  5. Pangolin

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    Decix is quite right, and also one of the most avid users of Lasershow Converter 4D.

    But I have a few points.

    1. Pangolin has two separate classes of laser software. We have the LD2000 series which is made for "true laser professionals". You can see the kind of work being done using LD2000 on our Powered by Pangolin web page. LD2000 is a much more unlimited software. But, as such, it is more expensive than QuickShow. Also, it is very likely that it will require time, and quite possibly a lot of time to learn how to best take advantage of it to do a laser show. Just as one example, people go to school for an entire semester, just to learn how to use AutoCAD. The same can be said of LD2000.

    2. QuickShow is made for everyone else... That is, people who really aren't necessarily true laser professionals, and who don't have a lot of time to learn now to do laser shows. This is for people who really want to get to success very quickly, and without training, and who also don't have a whole lot of money in their pockets.

    QuickShow is made available at a price-point that -- as far as we can tell based on published pricing, is lower than any competitive product. And yet QuickShow can do things that no other laser software on earth can do (including LD2000) and can do them extraordinarily quickly. QuickShow is so advanced, that we currently have a pending patent on the user interface. To see what can be done using QuickShow in only six minutes, see this video.

    QuickShow does not have a 3D drawing program itself, because people in clubs and others who are using QuickShow really don't need it. In fact, of all of the QuickShow users, you are the first to mention it.... If you want to do 3D, we have many solutions for you, including LD2000 and LAStudio. As mentioned above, LD2000 is made for true laser professionals, and those who want 3D are more toward the "true laser professional" end of the scale, so perhaps you should consider LD2000 instead. If you have zero dollars in your pocket but still want to play with 3D, then the answer is LAStudio as mentioned by Decix. LAStudio is available free to all Pangolin clients. It is "pro-sumer" grade software. Not quite good enough for true laser professionals, but better than the consumer-grade software being peddled by Pangolin competitors.

    In conclusion, Pangolin offers a wide range of tools available for a wide range of clients (currently more than 12,000), and at several price-points. As far as I am able to tell based on published pricing, our pricing is lower than competitors, and yet what we give you in terms of capability, frames, and shows are greater. If you've outgrown QuickShow, then perhaps LD2000 would be a good next step for you...

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    William, I do understand the difference between a truly professional suite such as LD2000 and Quickshow, clearly many options have to be reserved for the full price software and hardware system. As a competent Cinema 4d user I just wondered if it was possible to import 3d from there as I know the environment.
    However as I am only talking about some basic 3d stuff the LA studio sound like a great option, although it is a shame the flash converter is not available as it's very easy to do morphs in flash.
    I am not a professional laser show operator so spending has to be kept to a minimum, my use is for mobile disco / corporate and small events.

    Thanks to all for the info and if all goes well in time I hope to be in a position to upgrade.

    Many thanks for all the information

  7. Pangolin

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    To answer your questions:

    Someone else (such as Decix) can create animations in C4D and then you could use them in QuickShow. This is no problem.

    Regarding FLASH, it is on the table to add this capability for FB3 users some day in the future. So that is coming...

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  8. Hayd

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    That's great news William, will add to what is already a really great user friendly piece of software.