Apc-40 X-Y-Z Rotation

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  1. Laserist

    Laserist Beta Tester

    Got my APC-40 working great with Beyond!! Thank You Justin for sending the mappings at 1AM on a week night!! Talk about support... Any how, I only see one issue with it. On Roto X, Y and Z sliders, it only rotates counterclockwise. If you turn the controls in the software clockwise, then touch the APC- It JUMPS back to its known counterclockwise spread. Ideally it would start with the slider in the center, move up for CW and down for CCW.

  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hi Mark,

    We will check the Pangoscript. But you can change it for your self right now:

    Open beyond,

    Click Settings >> Midi Settings >> APC 40 Settings >> Midi to pangoscript

    touch the Rotate-x slider, open the field that pops up by double clicking it and remove the text. Press OK to close the editor.
    Repeat this procedure for Rotate Y and Rotate Z.

    After you removed 3 script lines, you close the window "Midi to pangoscript" settings by pressing OK.

    Next, click on the configure button of "Midi Surface-Live Control".
    Double click on the Rotation X field "Midi In".
    In the newly opened window, press "learn".
    Move the Rotate-X slider up and down to "learn" the positions of the slider.
    After you have done this (the line should be blue now), press OK, and again OK.

    Repeat the above instructions for the Rotation Y Slider And Rotation Z slider.
    (Taking in consideration that you use The Rotation Y and Rotation Z field "Midi in")

    Close the window "Midi surface settings" with OK, Press OK again.
    And try it then :)


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  3. Laserist

    Laserist Beta Tester

    Thanks Bob !! It lives!! That fixed it!! Too easy. :)

    I also re-labeled the map image sent. #1 is Pos X, #2 is Pos Y and #5 is ???, It does not do anything. ??
  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Z Position

    Your working with 3 dimensions :)

    PS.. In the near future, this will become default.
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  5. tobzd

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    Hi Bob
    Is there a command that in Pangoscripts to 'Invert' the Roto?
    i.e. I can map a button to invert the z roto to the same speed but in the opposite direction.
    then if i press it again it 'inverts' it back to the original direction and so on...

    Thanks in advance
  6. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hmm.. did we mis that one? :eek: ..
    Ill report it to our developers..
  7. tobzd

    tobzd Member

    Thanks Bob!! :)