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    Hi, yesterday i visited Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt and saw Bill showing a great trick with BEYOND and the APC40.

    He started with 2 projectors, each on on a separate fb3 interface.
    Then he created 4 zones (2 per projector) and arranged them into 4 squares from left to right 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Then he put cues in each zone so it looked like 4 projectors were showing individual outputs.

    Then he did something that i can't reproduce and am looking for the trick behind it:
    The cues on 1 and 3 were activated and then it switched between zones 1/3 and 2/4 so you had a kind of flashing effect between the even and uneven zones which looked great. I played with "multi cue" enabled, putting cues in every zone but can't figure out how to let them switch between the selected/deselected zones.

    would be great if i could reproduce this on my show next saturday.

  2. michelrietveld

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    I partially figured it out:

    when i mute on of the zones and then press "Toggle Mute on Zone Selection" it does switch the mute from one zone to the other but the lights on the apc for muting zones does not respond and stays off so i did not see feedback on the apc buttons but i can see it in the zone grid on the screen.

    Is it possible to program the midi template so that it lights the mute button green when not muted and red when muted?

  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Michel, I would head back out to the confrence and have Bill go through it again. :D Takea video and come back and post it for us all. :cool:
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    Sounds like the chase that Bob made in the apc mapping :) I could be wrong
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    Hi Michel,

    The reason why muted is green and not red, is cause under those buttons are no red lights.

    The cue grid is the only multicolor led section on the APC40.

    My thoughts where, Mute enabled, light on, Mute disabled light off.

    The toggle procedure is much simpler in the new template.
    I believe I have send it to you already.
    If not, drop me an PM.


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    Dragging up an old thread but I couldn't find a solution anywhere.

    I'm having a problem where the lights on the mute buttons don't switch on and off, actually they turn on the first time the template loads but when you toggle the mute the light never comes back on again.

    The buttons do toggle the zone mute, but just don't light when mute is enabled. (Excpect the first time the template loads, if the zone is muted the key lights green)
    A little frustrating as you have to look at the monitor to try to figure it out.

    Anyone come across this ? Have a solution to it ? Must be an easy fix (I'd imagine!)


  7. gashead

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    Nevermind, figured it out. Thanks for all the assistance! :sillylol: