APC40 et BEYOND 2.1 et autres questions

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    Bonjour existe t il un nouveau mapping APC40 (pas la mk2) pour travailler avec beyond 2.1 et pouvoir piloter HUES et SATURATION.

    Egalement j'aimerais savoir s il est possible et si oui comment récupérer des cues créez sous beyond 2.0 et savoir aussi si il est possible quand on a crée un show sous timeline de pouvoir le transformer en CUE ?


    Hello there t he new APC40 mapping (not the mk2) to work with 2.1 and beyond to drive HUES and Saturation.

    Also I would like to know if it is possible and if so how to recover cues create sub beyond 2.0 and also whether it is possible when you create a timeline on show can turn it into CUE?
  2. Francesco van Loon

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    I can see a couple of question here, let me split them up for you.

    How do I map the sliders Hue Shift and Saturation of Live Control Tab to a slider on my Midi controller (APC40).
    Go to Settings --> Midi and make sure you have selected APC40 as input and output on Device 1. Now load the standard APC40 mapping file that is included with Beyond.
    This will be the basic and here we will customize a slider to a different function. Now go to Settings --> Midi --> Device 1 and look for the button called "Midi Surface - Sliders (Live Control & FX)" and click on it.
    Now look for the "Hue Shift". Double click on the Cell "Midi In" and a popup will show. Here press the big Learn button and move the slider you want to use up and down. Now the slider is mapped to the Hue Shift slider in Live Control Tab.
    Please note, that if your slider was already assigned to another function to delete it from there else it would control two things at once.

    Is it possible to recover cues that are "create sub beyond 2.0".
    Sorry, but I do not understand your question... Can you please ask again in more detail?
    Please note that if you use more versions of Beyond that you can open files always in a newer version of Beyond but not always in an older version of Beyond.

    Is it possible to put a Timeline show to a cue in the grid.
    Yes, go to the Timeline mode and open your show. At the bottom of the screen open the QuickToos the tab "Workspace". Select an empty cue and go to File --> Save show to current cue. This will save your show file into the selected cue.