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    Hi all ...I would like to make a couple of adjustments to the way my APC 40 is laid out to make it a little more customized for my application. Namely id like to move the strobe and jump features currently found on FX action banks 2 and 4 to two of the faders that im not using for live performance ie roto X Y or Z faders

    I would leave the (select fx bank 1-4 FX 1-40) knobs alone and just move the actual strobe effect and jump effect to the faders. I think i can use the midi learn tool to do this but confused how to remove existing settings .. wondering how i would remove the two midi commands from where they are now and put them i want them? any info or a point in the right direction would be fantastic! thank you!
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    midi slider settings

    OK so after a little reading and a little messing around i was able to move the strobe effect from where it was originally placed on the APC 40 (2nd from left on top row of knobs) to where i wanted it (on a fader) by making these few simple adjustments. (APC40 powered up and USB plugged in)

    settings > midi > device settings or "apc40 settings"

    In Midi devices window look for box detailing what device your APC40 is (mine was device #1) and then hit the configure button.

    Locate the 3rd box down labled as "midi surface sliders (live control and FX)" and then hit the configure button.

    At this point - If your APC is plugged in you should see midi notes appear at the bottom of the window when you move any of the 9 faders on the APC40

    Locate the fader you want to remove the current effect from (for me it was the rotation x effect on the fader 4th from the left).

    Using your mouse click on the "midi in" column next to where you see "rotation X" listed in the left hand column.

    Almost there ....

    OK before you go any further - make sure the correct box is highlighted...in this case only the "midi in" box next to where it says "rotation X" located in the left hand column is what i had checked or highlighted ..nothing else!

    Now go up to the top right of the window - hit the menu tab then select "delete input settings"

    The box you had checked or highlighted should now be empty ... yes? ..good ok ..next step ...

    Scroll down a little bit more in the same window (midi surface settings) and locate box that says "FX action 2" (this is the strobe effect that i want to assign to a fader).

    Now highlight or click the "midi in" box (2nd column from left) next to "FX action 2"

    Go up to top right of window again - click on menu button - then click on edit.

    Click the learn button (#1) and slide the fader up and down a few times that you want to save the strobe effect to. (in this case fader 4th from left) and then click OK

    I repeated the process for the midi out column so the midi notes for the fader appeared in both midi in and out columns next to where it says FX action 2 ...

    Then click ok ..ok ..ok to exit out of the midi config settings... then save your show .. my settings were saved when i opened my show back up.

    for me having the strobe on one of the faders for a live show is much better than the fiddly knob it was originally on. There are probably other ways to do this?...id like to hear from others if there is a better way to do this?
    hope this helps..