APC40 sliders assigned to DMX channels?

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    I have an APC40. I don't use the FX1-FX4 sliders. I leave them set at 100% in the software all the time. So I would like to remap them to work on the quick DMX sliders that control output of my enttec

    I basically wanna use channels 1-4 of the dmx to control my hazers. I tired looking at the pangoscrip but could not figure it out.

    Thank you,

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Johnathon; I tried this today and I am not sure how to do what you want. :eek: I can get the slider to put a DMX channel to a specific value, but I cannot seem to get it to change values based on the slider movement. I suspect this will take a bit of custom scripting in PangoScript if it is possible; Bob might be able to verify if it is possible and/or point you in the right direction concerning the specific script verbage.

    Why don't you just make a DMX cue that activates your fogger and just trigger that from the cue grid?
  3. drm916

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    I was hoping to not use a cue.. cause it will be hazers. Multiples. So I want to be able control them separate of a cue.

    Hoping Bob can help me out.

    Thanks Aaron.
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    Also note that I tried the stuff in this thread. This didn't work either.
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    So.. any updates from Bob?
  6. drm916

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    I got it working from the sliders to adjust the values. So I am happy enough with it now. But would have been nice it if had showed those values on the quickdmx or dmx monitor somewhere.
  7. ENOT

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    In attachment screenshot. I did some quick tests with 1st slider of APC, it used for Brightness by default. At first, I removed mapping in Surface Sliders, and then made a couple of tests in MIDI to PangoScript. You can see 4 script lines on screenshot.
    At first I tested moving the value of slider inside Universe
    A second line - change of Label caption
    Third line - DMX out test
    4th line - big popup, but this one is "too much"

    Maybe something of this will be useful

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  8. drm916

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    Weird.. Mine don't show anything. I am on 660.

    Maybe I will give it a try again and see if I was looking at the wrong thing :( Wouldn't be the first time it was user error.. on MY part. lol. Thank you again!
  9. drm916

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    ok. Its working now. Both DMX monitors shows that dmx is happening.

    Thank you!

    Now I just gotta figure out these surface layers :)