APC40 trouble after beyond update

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    I've noticed two different bugs in the midi map for Beyond 2.1 and 3.0. The first problem affects both versions and it's an issue when switching between the "live and fx control to master" and the "live and fx control to zone" buttons. It seems that if I toggle cues in a certain order while switching between the two control buttons the entire cue grid as well as fx grid will stop responding and I get no laser output. The only way to fix it is hit the black out button.

    The second issue only affects Beyond 3.0 and it is simply that the "zone mute" buttons do not stay illuminated when muting a zone. Are there any suggestions for either of these bugs? I'm going to create a test map and try to get an understanding of how this thing works but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I think I've figured out the first "bug", which turned out not to be a bug after all. I realized it was me turning down the brightness in either zone or master and then swithching to the other before turning the brightness back up and the brightness would stay down until i switched back to turn it up. silly me. I still haven't figured out the zone mute button illumination issue though.