as insert a QuickShow animated sequence?

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    as insert a QuickShow animated sequence?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and am learning to use the program QuickShow, but I have a big question and I wonder if any of you know about this.

    I need to import an animation I did, which lasts 1 minute, at 30 frames per second, we're talking about 1800 frames total, but i can not find the option to import the complete sequence to the program. I can do this by importing a frame at a time, but not how to do it with the complete sequence.

    if anyone knows the solution I will be really grateful about, Greetings
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    I suspect the batch tracer in our legacy program TraceIt would work for this. You can request a download link for TraceIT from our main updates page here: You will input your information into the form that pops up and we will send you a link to download the application from.

    To use the batch tracer you will want to open the first frame of your animation, make adjustments in the two pop up boxes for tracing options, then go up to the "Trace" drop down and pick Batch Tracer. This will open something where you can load a batch of pictures to trace which should be what you are after. Note, you will want to play with the different settings to get the best output for your situation.