Audio output trouble with 2 soundcards

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by eric.nola, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. eric.nola

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    I have been using Beyond during my DJ show and it has been going well until last night.

    My setup is virtualDJ with main sound output through the built in sound card/headphone jack. I use logitec usb headphones for monitoring. When mixing from a song in virtualDJ to a laser show like "Moves Like Jagger" I simply fade down the virtualDJ channel and the Beyond audio plays through the main audio output from my laptop. When the laser show is ending I simply fade up the next song from VirtualDJ. This stopped working last night. Now the Beyond audio plays through my headphones and not through my mains!

    I recently installed the latest Beyond update and had never run Beyond with the headphones plugged in.

    Today I started Beyond BEFORE plugging in my headphones and Beyond audio came out the mains. I plugged in my usb headphones and the beyond audio quit and started playing through the headphones.

    How can I force Beyond audio to only use the main soundcard?

    Any help would be appreciated since I cannot use Beyond in my dj show if no one can hear it except me in the headphones. I tried Quickshow and it is doing the same thing.
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Eric,

    Hmmm, this is strange. I am not sure if it is really caused by the BEYOND update, or if it's merely a complete coincidence.

    Please check the Sound section in Windows Control Panel and make sure that is setup properly.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Veinhead

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    Make sure that your built in sound card is nominated as your default device, after you have plugged your headphones in. You do this in windows by double clicking the speaker icon next to the clock. Then right clicking your sound card speakers and selecting set as default.
  4. michelrietveld

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    i have the same

    i experience the same issue occasionally on my hp notebook with windows 7, sometimes when i have plugged in external speaker, headphone or output to audio amplifier i cannot seem to switch back to the built in speakers and vice versa, really annoying, thinking of adding an usb sound card.
    Have experienced with built in audio card drivers but not being able to reproduce it and find evidence what is causing this. seems more related to my notebook than to beyond ;-) always take a spare notebook with me, just in case ;-)