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    I have looked thru but did not find the answer

    I am trying to figure out once a beat range is selected in the Audio FFT, can this be used to set the standard tap BPM information? I have a bunch of cues that are audio reactive tied to BPM, and I do not want to attempt any longer to rebuild them all so that they respond to the audio in FFT (I have not been able to replicate it in this way correctly). It seems like since you can select a beat range in FFT this should be able to be sent to the BPM. Hoping I am missing a simple step. Thanks for any help.
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    Beyond can not detect BPM itself for whatever reason, but it can take midi clock from an external source and run in sync to that.

    Ableton live 11 has a feature called Tempo Follower that tries to beat match then you can send that over to beyond via virtual midi ports. I've been playing with it and it's kind of messy, I've never used Ableton and it doesn't do a perfect job anyway.
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    Thank you for the reply. I wonder what the "beat register range" is for if not to detect it or use it.
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    Hi, Polishedball!
    This is used now to trigger cues in Virtual LJ