Audio scroll delay vs. ASIO

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by HKoncept, Nov 8, 2013.

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    I'm working with many audio/video production soft like Sony Vegas, FLStudio, etc. In theses softwares I can use ASIO with my soundcard to avoid using Windows Sound Driver and reduce latency.

    One very important issue with Beyond when trying to create laser show is the huge latency +- 500ms of the [Audio scroll] function. :confused:

    With ASIO we could lower this latency to something about 2 or 5ms. This could be very useful in a creative blast !

    Do you think we will be able to use ASIO soon in Beyond ? I'm very serious with this feature, I NEED IT ;). Could you accept PayPal donation to make me pay for this feature ?
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    Hi HKoncept,

    Thanks for feedback! Our development team already working on improvements in this area. ASIO is well known thing, and no doubt can solve a number of problems as well as introduce some additional "details".

    I think that ASIO can not be the only output option. We need to have WDM level anyway, it should work correctly, and we working on it. This is top priorty.

    ASIO output already in our task list, but it can not be considered as a higher priority direction, because I doubt that it will happen in the nearest future. We should concenrate our effort on optimization and fine tuning of existing code.

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  3. HKoncept

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    Yes i do understand. But in fact, designing show is a huge functionality of BEYOND and it's very hard for me (I'm very perfectionist) to create very tight audio/video/laser show with high latency.

    It's why I ask you if you could accept PayPal donation for specific feature design?

    I will be willing to pay for this new ASIO compatibility !
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    ASIO is a kind of direct-to-hardware access method. This skips the Windows drivers and, as such, does not allow access to the Windowd mixer and so forth.

    ASIO is made to be fast -- the buffer can hold only 50 to 100 samples, instead of 1000 to 6000. However, because of this the CPU load is higher.

    ASIO should be very helpful if the computer is being used as a musical instrument, or as an effect control panel. That way when you press a new key or hit a drum pad or trigger a new effect, the result is more immediate.

    However, for timeline-based show playback, there really should not be any benefit that we can discern. You put all of your clips on a timeline and then press PLAY and BEYOND pre-buffers the media files and plays them when needed. Whether the number of samples in the buffer is 50 or 50 million, the results should be really pretty close if you are only doing show playback.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  5. HKoncept

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    I William. I understand this feature will not be developed in a near future. :(. I don't think you really understand my request. I'm producing video/audio with Sony Vegas and many others softwares since 10 years. I can't imagine I could be able to do my job without ASIO. The latency is very to high using the Windows driver. Having the ability to set audio to ASIO and syncing Beyond audio/frames in real time by scrolling audio without latency is a must for me...

    I'm sure I'm not the only one with this request. I hope this feature will be added in future :rolleyes: