Automated Audio Sync in Beyond

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  1. sirebral

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    I am playing with Beyond, looked through the docs and looked through the forums, can't figure this out. I have my mic showing up in Beyond and am showing signal and in the audio panel I see a graphic EQ, yet I cannot figure out how to get Beyond to use the music for BPM. Am I missing something easy?


  2. dnar

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    I too would like to know. (You saved me starting a new thread).
  3. aricha

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    Click the BPM button to activate it
    Click the Virtual LJ button to activate it
    Right click on the Virtual LJ button and select Trigger cues based on Audio Input
  4. dnar

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    Yes, this is understood. I will explain my requirement in more detail.


    - Not using LJ to select cues, manually select cues
    - Require BPM to match music so cue animation is synchronized
    - Yes, I can set BPM via space bar or clicking BPM window
    - Would like BPM to be set via audio input

    Does this make sense?
  5. jb0815

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    Hi dnar , have the same problem. THe guys from Pangolin told me that they have problems using audio routing in Win7. nevertheless I had the same problem on XP, only on a few mashines I found an audio input which gave me the sound from a player app.

    I found one solution, but it requires an additional piece of software, it's the "virtual audio cable" (search for that, it's $35 as I know) It works !!

    But anyway, is someone here who as another solution (without addional costs) ?
  6. ENOT

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    Pangolin already invested time into methods for automatic BPM detection and prediction. Once the job will be finished then it will be available in BEYOND.

    I have heard that one of users used some application that used audio line in and generated corresponding MIDI commands that can be redirected to BEYOND. I talk about idea to use external BPM detector.

    BEYOND offer many ways how to use audio peaks. The peak is like event, it can activate some reaction as example in Synth, Effect, or PangoScript. Take a look into Effect Item properties dialog, if offer some easy to use options.
  7. LaserFan

    LaserFan Beta Tester

    Good day to all!
    I try to use the control Synth by Audio Input (build 699).
    I managed to get control when using Effects, "beat based on/off sequence" mode.
    But "on/off sequence by Event" does not work. (the problem with peak detector).
    If you generate an event manually (by Pangoscript) - "on/off sequence by Event" works.
    I recorded the video . What did I do wrong?
    I would be grateful for any help!
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  8. LaserFan

    LaserFan Beta Tester

    The problem was solved! Everything works!
    Was set too small the volume of my Audio device. Peak detector works with the volume up.

    Now there is a problem with the BPM on the Timeline.
    Show on Timeline uses the value "BPM Show" (Show properties-General Tab), despite the fact that stated "Follow BPM system".
    Or I misunderstand the the purpose of the flag "Follow BPM system"?
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