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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Neil Terry, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Neil Terry

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    I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to do this:
    Our installation will be used as a message display system in the atrium of a building. Unfortunately the person posting the messages will most likely be unfamiliar with the LaserDesigner 2000 interface. Is there any way that we can get the program to automatically translate say a text file with text to a show that will display? Has anyone had any experienced trying to do anything like this?

  2. Pangolin

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    I think there are a few ways to go here. AutoPlay offers are very simple UI for entering scrolling text messages.

    Showtime:Live! could also be used in this way and placed in a "stand-alone configuration" which may be restricted so as to offer very limited access to functions if desired.

    Both of these methods could be used and with zero effort and money spent on your part. If you want to put forth a bit of effort or consulting fee, you (or some consultant) could create a special application just for you, that does exactly what you want in exactly the way you want it, using our SDK. You can read more about the SDK here:

    And finally, there is one other possibility, which is that messages may be entered in with a mobile phone and projected directly on laser or video using our SMS system. For more information, please see the special web site:

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    William Benner