AVI output filesize problems

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Logan, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Logan

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    I am attempting to output several shows into AVI format for a client who wants to present the shows on a projection screen. I am having problems with the encoding process stopping approx halfway through the initial show playback telling me that 'There was an error writing the file.' No more info than that.

    I have been messing with resolutions and such, because I need it to be fairly high resolution (640x480, etc) and it seems to have problems writing files larger than 2GB. If the final file is less than 2GB, everything is fine, but I seem to be hitting a wall at 2GB.

    System specs:
    Dell Dimension 4100
    Pentium 3 1ghz
    512MB Ram (I tried upgrading the ram, but hELL has it locked to 512 in BIOS) :mad:
    50GB free HD space FAT32 formatted
    Windows ME (yah I know)
    Showtime 2000 V 4.50
    Pro board

    I originally thought it was a FAT32 problem, but it should write files up to 8GB no problem. I then tried to use a mapped network drive to a Win XP machine, hoping that would solve it, still no go.

    So I am at a standstill trying to figure out if it is a Win ME problem, a RAM problem or a Pangolin encoder problem. If it is RAM or Win, then I have to build a new machine.

    Just to clarify, it doesn't even reach the point where it asks if I want to compress or leave full frames. I am not adding audio. Just video.
    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. aly

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    Logan, use Ctrl+B and Ctrl+E key combinations on the timeline. This will set Begin end End markers for "User Defined Playback". Choose smal portions of the timeline (few senonds for the first try). Hit "User Playback" button and save this small part as AVI file. Then move Begin and End cursors, and record the next portion. And so on.

    This way you will create files smaller than 2GB. Then just combine those clips together, add audio and other effects in your favourite Video editing software. It works for me this way. :N
  3. Logan

    Logan New Member

    Thanks so much. This seems to work. A bit time consuming, but it works.
    Found that about 30 seconds seems to be just right. (1.2GB per clip) :N