bad laser, or bad FB3-QS, or ?

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  1. Hi All

    I am totally new to this. I have just received my Pangolin Quickshow and a lw CS-1000 RGB laser. And I doesn't look right. I attach a couple of photos with screenshots from Quickshow and the corresponding still laserprojektions



    Any help solving out if this is hardware or software related is very much appreciated

    Best Martin
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  2. aricha

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    the default scan rate is 30,000 points per second
    go to settings - projection settings - take the scan rate to 18,000

    play with the scan rate and the size sliders until you get better image
  3. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Yea... that is something to do with the scan speed being too high or scan angle being too large for your scanners. What speed scanners are supposed to be in your projector?
  4. Thanks a lot Aricha and Aaron - the scan rate seems to be the issue.

    I tried lowering the scan rate to 18.000, the image gets better but far from good, still very soft angles and "unconnected" lines, I attach two photos:


    I have to sett the scan rate to the the lowest possible 6000 to get a correct projection of the test images. But the image is then intolerable flickering, actually the still image of the test image looks like its animated to a beat :)

    The lw CS-1000RGB specifications are here
    According to this its a 30kpps laser, I suppose this equals 30.000 pr second, or have I misunderstood something?
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  5. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Do you know what the scan angle is you are projecting at? We have a page on our site that shows how to calculate the angle, I see that your scanners are specified to do 30k at 4 degrees. The ILDA standard is 30k at 8 degrees so I am not sure what speed your scanners truely are. :confused:
  6. firstlight

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    The "unconnected" lines issue should be fixable by adjusting the color/blanking shift slider under scan rate in projector settings. Can't help the scanner issue though. You should try displaying the ILDA test pattern and adjusting the scan rate to determine what your scanners are really tuned to. That'll give you a starting point. I have a feeling you're going to be disappointed though unfortunately. For only 520€ you kind of get what you pay for.
  7. Thanks for the answers, its been helpful. I have adjusted the various settings, and I suppose I have learned a bit about the price level of quality in the laser hardware :)
    best Martin
  8. YourDisco

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    This is the very same issue we are having with our CS-1000RGB, we have played with the settings constantly over the past few weeks and event hired out a venue with a 100ft long room to test in full value.

    We have discovered that reducing the scan rate to 12550 and the colour/blanking to 6 gives you the best possible image with a 100ft+.

    We have also noticed that by using stick fonts instead of bubble fonts helps reduce the flicker in text, we use STICK with a Scrolling Effect and this really helps and still looks great (well the best you will get).

    We will be mainly using our laser as part of our complete laser show, this means it will mainly be beams and atmospherics we will be using, but occasionally we will use the text and animations.

    We used QuickText, with a stick font + scrolling effect last night at a wedding and had the message across a 30ft wall about 100ft away and we have nothing but compliments all night from it so i know people are saying you get what you pay for, and this is true, if you want to conduct some really complex animation shows you need to think about spending at least 1000GBP but for those conducting beam shows and small events of upto 300 people these lasers are great value for money! we have another 20 lasers in our show and this is a fantastic addition.