Balancing palettes on multiple projectors.

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by LaserJ, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Since "white" lasers have become more common now and easier to deal with.
    Mutiple manufactures and different wavelengths I have found that "balancing" palettes across mutiple systems has become more and more challenging.

    Going through the palette wizard setup to find an optimal balance and white is fine. When you move on to the next laser and also balance colours and white I find the comparison from the first and second palette vary slightly.

    Dealing with 2 lasers is ok, however when you have 12-16 this becomes a little to tedious.

    Lighting Designers are starting to realise how they can integrate lasers in their shows now and are asking for "specific" colours. Choosing a colour from the palette wheel, applying to a frame and sending to multiple zones yields an array of different shades of a specific colour.

    When creating a palette in LD you can only work on one palette at a time.
    Would it be possible to set one base palette, display that palette and then work on the next palette matching it as closely as possible.

    I have done this with 2 LD systems, but having it built into one would be fantastic.

    I am also looking for any other suggestions here on how to achive this.

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    You can simply made one palette and save to default
    after this made the copy of palette default.sp1 to default.sp2 ,sp3, sp24 etc.
    Then ST start's it load the same palettes to all scanners. After this you can fine tune you palettes.
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    Yes I have done this, and do it on alot of my shows that use the same laser.
    However depending out output strength and balance. I get various shades of white, amber, cyan, etc.. While they may look "pretty" close, trying to balance them for a camera can be a challenge.

    I have used color effects in Showtime in the past on mutiple tracks to balance colours. Also in Live Pro seperating output to tracks and using the color wheel to find a balance...

    However this would be nice to do in a pallette...