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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by bentodman93, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. bentodman93

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been racking my brain on how to map my BCF 2000 to quick show properly. I'm happy mapping faders to speeds plus buttons to bpm tap and blackout . ETC but I'm struggling to map individual colour overrides to buttons can anybody help me please ?

    I would be even more grateful if anyone has a SysEx file of their patch I could play with to get me started.

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    QuickShow has limited MIDI features; what you are trying is more than likely not possible in QS although it is very possible in BEYOND using PangoScript.
  3. MrBeam

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    Hi, I use the BCF2000 with Beyond, and love it.

    I am constantly evolving my setup with it with Beyond as I get more into the deep capabilities of the software.

    While I am using Beyond, I think you can achieve what you want by programming the BCF2000 side. First and intro to my setup FYI:

    I have setup the faders as a1 to 8 as animation speed, scan rate, brightness, colour, Ysize, Xsize, Y postion, X position.

    To program the unit, I used bcedit (which was a dog to setup since you need to install an old version of Java to make it work - but now it is working it is very good). There is another editor called BC Manager, but I find it to complicated. Bcedit has a simple picture off all the controls, and you simply click on a control and edit the settings.

    With the buttons immediately above the faders I have programmed the same CC channels as the faders in toggle mode, i.e. send two different CC values. Thus I have a default position and an alternative position for the fader/laser parameter. For example with speed its normal speed or full speed. For scan rate it is normal, and slow (good for momentary flicker effect). Colour is normal and white. For X and Y size it is normal and 0 (instant vertical or horizontal sheet, once live control LockXY is turned off).

    For the next row of buttons (top row), I program them all to be CC 4 which is the same as fader 4, which is colour. I then map the CC value to the colour. I did this by displaying the midi value in Beyond and then moving to colour fader to each colour, noting the CC value for that colour, then programming the button with the value. Thus the top row of buttons I have G, B, M, C, V, Y, R, O.

    I love the motorized faders of the BCF-2000, hitting rest (which is mapped to another button and on of my Logitech G700 mouse buttons) instantly snaps back all the slider to their default positions.

    Hope this helps.