beam in circle movement

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  1. koutsoumpis

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    Hi folks. In the below video in 1:17 the beam is making a circle.Any tips how can i create this cue with Beyond
  2. herbertgoat

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    How the hell does he do the bit where he grabs the beams and uses them as skis, whirl round head etc.?
    The rest I can just about handle, though it's still incredibly well done.

    Would like the cue for Beyond, too :)
  3. m0f

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    It's all about perfect timing choreography to the projected cues. First a timeline show is created to the music, so that everything happens consistently and repeatably in time with the song and the rest is practice, practice, practice to get your timing perfect. The simple beam moving in a circle is super easy to create in beyond using a position key effect on the timeline. In fact, the best cues for 'laser man' type shows are often simple movement based key effects, combined with perfect timing of the choreography.

    The picking up the beam effect is created with handheld pointers turned on at the exact moment the main laser turns off as he reaches for the beam. (Can be accomplished with perfect timing using wireless dmx with a dmx signal embedded in timeline show or just a manual button press can work too.)