Beam shakes

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by Lightmaster, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Lightmaster

    Lightmaster New Member

    A moth ago i have bought me a new laser, but it shakes.. (the beam)

    is it a ground problem? i don't know i have worked with the pangolin wireing table and tripple checked it.
    and it shakes like :cool: does anyone know this type of problem?
  2. Hi Lightmaster,

    Can you provide further details to the setup. The problem you are describing, is this directly out of the laser source ? What type of laser is it ? was the problem there at the start ?

    Is the laser installed into the system when the issue occurs ?

    Without further information, can be many variables....

  3. Marco

    Marco Active Member

    Please take a close look on your cables you are using. Are they properly shielded ?
    I had similar problems when use a flatcable between the qm2000 and the projector. even a square was shaking like hell..

  4. dave

    dave Beta Tester

    This does sound like a ground loop problem to me..

    Would be worth checking your wiring to make sure there is only a single path to ground.

    It may be worth disconnecting the signal ground to the scanners if your scanners have differential inputs.