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    I'm just begining to learn LD2000 and showtime, how long would it take approximately before I could create a beam show to music, and how long would that type of project take to create?

    I understand this varies person to person I'm just looking for a ball park estimate.

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    For seasoned programmers, it typically takes the following:

    • Graphics Shows about 8 hours per program minute
    • Beam Shows about 4 hours per program minute

    A program minute is for every minute of program or music for a show.

    For example a 5 minute Beam Show would take on average 20 hours to program.
    5 minutes of music * 4 hours = 20 hours

    There are numerous variables, and as you said, it does vary from person to person.

    Some people are faster, some are slower, 1 scanner show versus multiple scanner show, simple show or complex show, etc.

    Hope this helps some.

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    I am not sure if I am considered a seasoned programmer or not yet, after 11 or 12 beam shows over the past 2 years I probably average one to two hours of "work" for 15 seconds of show. I have had shows take much longer and much less time.

    I started to create my own frames for my shows about 6 shows ago which is where about a quater to half of the time goes. When I first started I would use frames from the shows included with LD2000.

    I have not played with graphics too much but plan on making a few graphic and abstract shows in the future.
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    Thanks! This information helps a lot! Now at least I have some numbers to go off of.

    Thanks Again.