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    hi to all ,

    i am new to the laser/ showtime please excuse me for my lack of experince........coming to the question.....

    i opened some already created shapes from lasershow and then i gave it some effects like pan and bottom etc...the shapes were just circles , rectangles and lines......but when i previewed the animation they were not in their original shapes .....but instead they were all long beams just like the live laser beams.......looked good but why do i get that effect when i just wanted the basic shapes to move............i never used the abstract generator........does this have to do with any settings by any chance .......and i am using the intro version........

    thank you
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    Hi Mat,

    My first question in respose to a question like yours is: "who is your dealer"? Pangolin has dealers all over the world. We sell through dealers because they are local -- meaning they are close to end-users. End-users purchase through the dealers, and also the dealers help to support the end-users by teaching them how to use the software. With this being the case, my obvious preference for you would be to ask this question of your dealer, so that they can give you good training on how to use the system.

    Aside from that, if you send us the frame file and show file, we will examine them and tell you what is going on and how to improve your show. Since we never publish our email address because of spam, your first contact to Pangolin should be through our contact form, here:

    Best regards,

    William Benner