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    I have some issues with the end- effect when using a beat-based zone chaser.
    I just don't seem to get the end-effect to work properly when I choose the metronome option by the chase properties.

    The 'duration' of the end effect is relative to the endpoint of the chase-step, right ?

    When I use a time based zone-chaser everything works just fine and as expected.
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    Clock and beat based modes use almost equal code, and absolutely equal logic. The step duration for beats is in beats. There is no total duration, there is duration of one step and number of steps. The most possibly, the root of question is in value if beat-time. The clock is simple, it is local time, and no special rules. The beat is opposite, it is global time, and "global" is pretty important thing. OK, I recommend to consider the problem from mentioned angle of view. And, take a look at context window BPM (right click on BPM panel). And... situation is bit tricky, because time depends on the place where you use effect. The simplest is a timeline, test it there. Timeline has own BPM and Beat value calculated by Clock value, it is linearly dependent.

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    I think I have a pretty good understanding of how beat based timing works.
    The cue does not work in timeline-mode either.

    What I try to do is:
    Make a zoom effect starting at 80% of the chase-step time.
    So that it zooms before making the next step.
    And I want to use beat based timing.

    No matter what I try, both oscillating or key effect, either the effect does not seem happen, or the timing is off.