best light setup in combination with beyond for max live control

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  1. lasershowrental

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    Is a grandMA comanderwing onpc 3 on its own pc.
    A decent setup for live use in combination with an akai apc40 with beyond on a separate pc and this connected via artnet.
    Or are there better solutions such as chamsys, avolites, onyxs.

    Because would like to be able to operate a small light setup of moving heads and beam bars together.
    Up to a maximum of 100 DMX fixtures and 16 lasers

    Thanks for the info
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    From my colleague i received the info that you can best use BEYOND DMX server. This allows you to control BEYOND as being a dmx fixture, just like a moving head, controllable from a (GrandMA) console. tutorial vid:

    This does limit you in some effects as you will need to program them from the console, but this way you have the best of both worlds. You could also choose to control the FB4 directly on Artnet, but this gives you not as much control as you will have by using BEYOND as DMX server for the lasers.

    A tutorial on how to control BEYOND from a console can be seen here:

    A tutorial on how to control FB4's from a console through art-net can be found here:
    This last option it does require that all lasers have an FB4 build-in/attached.
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  3. lasershowrental

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    hi bob.
    Do you have to have all fb4, s or can you do this with fb3, s also
  4. zerowaitstate

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    With artnet you treat each FB4 as a lighting fixture
    With DMX server you are triggering cues in beyond and thus can control any laser weather it is FB3 or FB4 IE you are triggering a cue with its projector zone. The DMX server cues are triggered independent of main beyond program, bar possible Blackout or Estop which will kill all output, then you have to reenable DMX IN and reset the EStop (which is not a software function) , ( i would have to fire up app with hardware to tripple verify this)
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  5. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    BEYOND dmx server can be used with any devices connected to BEYOND as the DMX server controls a projection zone.

    The FB4 has also got stand alone art-net support where you do not have BEYOND in the middle, in this setup you do need to have all FB4's.