Best Placing for a live band show ?

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  1. Limelight68

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    Hello everyone,

    I have recently moved into the area of band lighting for a local band i work with and have purchased several items including a KAM 1000 3D laser and the Pangolin Quickshow software which i am slowly learning my way about with.

    My question to you all is "what would be the best placing to use waves and the such like with a haze machine to create the most stunning effect without the danger of hurting anyone?"

    I have a truss that will go to a height of 4mtrs and can also fix the laser to the side poles if thats advisable?

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks, Mark :eek:
  2. aricha

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    Place the laser at the center of the stage behind the band an half a meter above the band heads
    Send the wave a meter above people's heads
  3. Limelight68

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    Thanks for this, will that give the best spread for the wave and create the awesome wow factor for the crowd ???