best way to extend/split ilda

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    Hi guys!.

    Im gonna need some tech support here.

    i have 7 laser units.
    4 times 1,5w rgb and 3 times 8w rgb
    what is the best way to cable them on one stage?
    most times 50 meters is not enough, last month i used the 3 8w units in one stage with 20m ilda between them and 10 meter down to the ground.
    that was my 50 meter ilda, lucky i got my powered usb extender with me so i could extend with another 30 meters (utp) to the foh
    this worked pretty well but once in a while the last laser had some signal loss so my blue dropped out for a few seconds.

    how can i best manage this so i get a stable signal from the foh to the stage at about 50 meters. and maybe split/boost the signal to 3+ units?

    running on fb3

    With kind regards
    robbert Loos