Beyond 2.1 and DMX Frames

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  1. Pucti

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    Hi all,
    some month ago i have started to change slowly from LD2000 to Beyond, but now i have found a nasty problem and don´t find a solution - maybe someone has an idea...
    I´m doing many things with DMX, and it was no problem to get it work from inside Beyond. Using Artnet Interfaces i can operate all my devices with the sliders.
    But -- i´m using some DMX inside LD2000 shows to switch flame generators, projection screens, lights, water pumps and so on. All working perfect with LD2000 and DMX output of the QM2000 boards.
    Now i imported several shows with DMX frames into Beyond (Essentials and Advanced versions) but i will not get any output from DMX. I´m also not sure, how to see the content of the imported DMX frames or how to create new ones. I have looked into the tutorials of Beyond, but couldn´t find any hints.

    So the question - does anyone know how to import LD2000 shows with DMX correctly, or how to create a new DMX show? For example only to bring a projection screen up and down or switch a light on and off.... :eek:

    Thanks in advance & kind regards
  2. MeaningOfLights

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    I'm having some technical issues with my Enttec...

    I'm new to beyond too, can someone please show me the DMX Tab:
  3. Bob@Pangolin

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    Did you enable the dmx or art-net in/output

    It needs to be enabled to show up.

    You will find it in the bottom area of your view screen.