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  1. Jedi

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    Hello Freaks,

    is Beyond 2.1 out now?

    When i start my Beyond, a message Appears:
    A new version ist aviable. Please download….

    But on the Pangolin download page, only the old b699 is possible.

  2. firstlight

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    And will there be another version of 2.0 that doesn't have the time limit on it for those who aren't planning on upgrading to 2.1 any time soon?
  3. Pangolin

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    Great questions! Here are some answers.

    Our software makes the assumption that a new version will be available somewhere around 6 months (or so) after we publish. Based on that assumption, it will show a message box alerting users that they should check for updates.

    Indeed, in half year (or so) we would no doubt have found and fixed problems reported by users, improved safety systems, implemented new features, etc. And so we believe it is generally a good idea to use the latest version.

    Of course we understand that there are certain situations where continual updating of software would not be practical or desirable -- such as fixed installations at large amusement parks or long-term touring operations. For that reason, we have the capability of creating a license file that will prevent the software from showing this kind of message. If you believe your usage modality warrants us to create this kind of license file, please contact us.

    Regarding the actual published versions of BEYOND, we will be publishing another version of 699 (called 699b) that includes some bug fixes and improvements, and also extends the time when such messages will be seen by another year.

    We will also be publishing BEYOND 2.1 right away as well. (BEYOND 2.1 is already in the hands of clients who have purchased FB4.) Note that by default, 2.1 installs into a separate folder, so the installation of 2.1 will not affect your ability to use 2.0 if you'd like.

    We appreciate the great questions posted on the forum, and the ability to provide answers applicable for all users. However, if you have a specific need or specific requirement or emergency situation, feel free to contact us directly either by email or telephone.

    Best regards,

    William Benner