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    All ... I am trying to determine the best way to do some 3D images (akin to the pre-canned ques) / animations I have currently in QuickShow. Can Beyond do this sort of thing. Someone on the QS forum mentioned 3D Max with the Pangolin plugin which I found out is big bucks. Is that the only way there? Can Beyond 3.0 do it? Will it be $795 for Essentials? Will Essentials do it?
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    You are referring to the "3d animation" component in beyond, i am not sure at what level it comes into play.

    What you want to do is a big bucks function unfortunately, with it, you can model in it or import fbx files from your favorite 3D modeler.

    Before the the feature set of beyond was locked in you could purchase a FB3 with quickshow and a by a special version of beyond that had all the features (like their beta test program)