Beyond 4.0 Not Seeing Computer's COM Ports

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    I have a TC2000 device and an ENTTEC DMX USB Pro device that are connected to a computer but cannot be configured in Beyond's settings because Beyond doesn't display any ports in the COM ports lists. Device Manager shows two unused ports but they won't show up in Beyond, making it impossible to configure the devices. Perusing the Device Manager is about the extent of my computing skills. The devices were configured and working until recently. I reinstalled the drivers for both devices to no avail.
    It's not my computer so I don't know what caused the problem and I'm not sure whether or not the computer's user is responsible (by clicking around where they shouldn't be clicking, etc.). To my knowledge, the user hasn't updated Beyond. Could a Windows update cause this? This is the first time I've seen this kind of problem.
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    Hello Smarmar,

    You should try to uninstall the driver using the utility CDMuninstallerGUI and/or FTClean and install the Enttec driver.
    Enttec uses a modified FTDI driver for the DMX USB Pro. The driver can be downloaded here.

    However, this means that you cannot have other FTDI devices connected. So when the Enttec driver is installed you cannot use other FTDI based "Usb to serial" converter for the "TC2000 (Serial)". Use an "Usb to serial" converter" with a chipset like for example : Amtel, Cypress, Prolific, TI based.
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    Thanks, Bob. You must be Igor over at Photonlexicon ;)
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    No, Smarmar. Igor is me :) I duplicated the answer to Photonlexicon ;)
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    I reinstalled Beyond, which seemed to have fixed the problem. Thanks.