Beyond 660 `/~ not working?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by MrBeam, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. MrBeam

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    is anyone else having problem with the invert rotation key not working in 660?

    You can invert the rotation by pressing "`" or "~"

    It works in 612 for me.

  2. ENOT

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    Hi MrBeam,

    This action blocked because of conflict with German keyboard.

    Right now you can "restore" this action. At PangoScript tab create a new script. Add code:

    DisplayPopup "It works"

    Close editor. After that, right click (context menu) and there you will see Set Hotkey menu command. Select ` key, or any other you want...

    Best Regards

  3. MrBeam

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    Hi Alexy,

    Back from a bunch of gigs...

    Thank you for the post. I had already tried


    with Keyboard to PangoScript, to the ` key

    Which kind of worked, but it kind of had a 'jerky' momentary action...

    I tried with your code, as above - same result.

    When I did it as a new PangoScript and then assigned it to the key as you instructed, it now works.

    Why is the 'GetLiveControl' included?

    Thanks, MrBeam

    PS - I mentioned this to Aaron, but it would be great if there was a change log included with the updates?? I would imagine that you are using SVN or some other version management tool.. A summary could be made from the commits?

    PPS - I loved your tutorial the Kaleidoscope/Live Channel control! Mesmerizing... I have not worked out how to assign the Control Channels to the FX parameters? Is this possible?
  4. ENOT

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    Hi MrBeam,

    We have Projection Zones, Cues, Master objects. Each such object has Live Control. Before we send a script command that modify Live Control parameter, should select what we control. Each scripter has own address setting of Live Control. There are commands like ControlCue, ControlZone that define what this script will control. But, if you want to control currently selected LC in UI, then... we need command that will read current selection in user interface and assign it to scripter. Why this done this way? Because it make sense to have independent scripts for various LC parameters. If to link all to user interface then it will be a problem pretty soon.

    ChangeLog – embedded into all EXE files, visible in UI inside About dialog window, and automatically extracted to folder where you have BEYOND.EXE.

    Effects parameters – easy. Please take a look at attached picture. Buttons with such icon call Input dialog where you can select Channels, MIDI, and so on.

    Best Regards,


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