Beyond 699b, LD2000.DLL error

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    Its strange to see that after updating Beyond build 699b one of my Master board is not detected on the system. I had installed 1 no. Pro and 2 Nos. Intro boards in the system and earlier version of Beyond. Everything was fine, till I updated it to 699b. Initially, I found the dll error and I found the LD2000 5.6 update on this forum and updated it as instructed. Then after restarting the computer, the Master board in not detectable and only 2 intro boards are working. Even the ShowTime also, shows only intro boards. What could be the error and how to fix this back. Should I uninstall all the software and reinstall the older version which was working fine. This is a permanent project system and can't delay finalising the installation.

    Please help.

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    Dear Mahesh,

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having. We have looked into this based on the complete description from another client, and we found a problem with the way BEYOND 2.1 was handling the QM2000 board.

    I have updated the BEYOND version 2.1 that is on the web now. Please download it again. Unfortunately, in my haste, I left the commentary on the web site as "Release candidate 1" but it is indeed a different build.

    Give it a try and let us know how it goes for you.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Working Perfectly:D