BEYOND Advanced Colour System

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Illumashroom, May 14, 2014.

  1. Illumashroom

    Illumashroom Beta Tester

    Hi Guys. Can anybody explain to me how to set up my RGB laser projector using the Advanced Colour System? Cheers
  2. digiassn

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    It looks like the Advanced Color System is designed for fine tuning multi-channel color systems, so a lot of these systems will depend on what you are using for color control. It looks like it supports up to 6 channels for PCAOMs.

    If you are using something like a RGB laser diode projector, you won't need to use this. Just use the single, 2, or 3 laser color settings.
  3. Illumashroom

    Illumashroom Beta Tester

    Thanks for your response. I'm using a Kvant Spectrum 3W. I was hoping this a colour mixing system similar to the one found in Fiesta. Maybe not then? Cheers
  4. digiassn

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    I just checked the manual and it looks like it has 7 channels on the KVants. Interesting. I've gotten too lazy with all these RGB diode lasers and only having 3 channels =D

    Since I haven't dug too deep into it, it looks like you would set the the levels of each channel for the color you are trying to achieve. So in the case of a RGB diode laser, it would depend on if you had 635 red vs 650 red. So if you were tuning purple, the red setting would differ between the two.

    I am not quite sure how to tweak the response curve part of it. That gets really fine grained, and I usually settle on "good enough".