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    Hi all

    I'me trying to config my chamsys mq100 pro lighting desk to beyond via artnet. Butt beyond isn't responding to artnet in....
    My chamsys mq100 is broadcasting artet just fine i have a dmx node hooked up with a dmx 16ch. light and all channels or working fine .
    butt as soon as i connect beyond and set my network to the same ip v4 setting as the dmx node i can't get the dmx singal in to beyond ?
    by the way i disconnect the artnet node and dmx light before i connect the beyond laptop and reboot so there's no ip conflict there ;-)
    here is my config:
    the chamsys mq 100:
    IP address:
    subnet :
    artnet:0 univers:0 (is 0-512ch)

    Beyond laptop:
    Ip adress:
    artnet in: subnet:0 artnet:0
    enable B3 style dmx in is checked
    DMX IN button next to virtual LJ is checked
    dmx / artnet monitor is checked butt no resopnse

    The channels i'me sending from the mq 100 are plane generic dimmer channel with value's of 0-255

    any idea anyone?

    kind regards
    claes jeroen
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    Hi All

    Never mind the previous post my wireless card had i mind of it's ow and was always messing thins up just had to disable it and now everything is working fine :D