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    Hello PANGOLIN Team,

    I have the following questions about Beyond 3D:
    01. How can text (spline, 3D) be arranged in a circle with modifiers?
    02. How can I create a 3D ramp for fading in the Material Manager, similar to the 2D ramp?
    03. Is it possible to insert or add points to an existing Surface?
    04. The Material Manager cannot be docked, if I try, Beyond 3D crashes completely, every time ?!
    05. Where can I save user-specific materials?
    06. What is the "Bake Vertex" option used for?
    07. Is it possible to import/merge 2D laser frames in Beyond (*.qsbframes)?
    08. Why is 2D and 3D text not created in the center (Pivot) like all other objects, but text always oriented to the left?
    (this makes working with texts extremely difficult)
    09. Where can I see which materials and textures are currently used in the current model in the Material Manager?
    10. Why are certain Windows fonts only displayed in the Beyond Main program but are not available at all in the Beyond 3D module?
    (both program parts don't have access the same Windows font folder? - I bought the font especially for it and now I cannot use it in Beyond 3D ...) ;o(
    11. When will we finally be able to provide detailed help on the "Modeling", "Mirror and Subdivide" functions and "Modifiers" after so many years of Beyond 3D on the market?
    (the manual for Beyond 3D as well as all available tutorials usually only deals with the functions that are self-explanatory anyway)
    12. This would also be desirable for the Material Manager, with examples for the use of textures too!

    Unfortunately, you can never really assess and exploit the potential of this software, because the manual hardly goes into the last detail and explains everything very roughly and superficially, or certain functions have not yet been implemented or explained,
    which is very it's a shame because as a professional user you lose a lot of time with "Try and Error"! ;o(

    The manual needs examples of many other functions, as you have done in a very exemplary manner for the "Surfaces Shading Group" function!!!
    In your current and "new" "Quick Hints" you unfortunately only deal with basic functions again and nowhere go deeply into detail, that would really be an important task for the future before new functions are added.
    There is simply no time to "explore" everything laboriously and that is not the point and purpose of "professional" software, sorry!

    For the price of the software (Ultimate), you should actually be supplied with a manual as a customer, which leaves no questions unanswered about the operation of the software and certain functions!
    You can not assume that every customer who uses Beyond 3D has experience with relevant 3D modeling programs, such as C4D or 3DsMax ...
    The best special software is of little use if not all functions are understood by the user down to the smallest detail! ;o)

    I / we have addressed this several times in the past few years and this has always been thought that this will happen in the "near" future,
    but all manuals for Beyond and Beyond 3D are still version 2.0, this also applies to the Beyond Wiki. ;o(

    Professional users buy this software to make money with it, as a tool and unfortunately this is only as good as how you can use or have learned it.
    But how should you learn something if you don't know many functions and details, or if they are undocumented?
    Unfortunately, this is not much fun and costs a lot of time, which you actually need for your creativity and the implementation of various customer requests, please consider that.

    Best regards from Germany and stay healthy and careful!
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    Hi Laserpeter,

    Thanks for posing these great questions.

    At the present time, BEYOND has I think 50 separate PDF help files, plus 109 separate tutorial videos that cover BEYOND, including 8 separate help files in English (and another 8 in German) covering specifically BEYOND 3D itself.

    If I might compare our software to other laser software on the market, I know of no other laser software that has such intensive help files, WIKI or Tutorial videos.

    Nevertheless, there is certainly room for improvement, which is why we have already begun publishing more videos and improving the WIKI. For example, the product development roadmap includes probably an additional 50 more help videos for BEYOND, plus further improvement to the Wiki and help files. Over the past few weeks we started with the "Quick Hints" and in the coming months this whole area is something you will notice very tangibly.

    Regarding your comment about the manuals still state "2.0", I thank you for pointing that out! We will need to update those manuals to clarify that they document "2.0 and later", since prior to version 2.0 things were significantly different. Alternatively we could actually remove the reference to any version since, surely by now everyone is using "2.0 and later"...

    Regarding your specific questions above, we have already started answering them in the separate private email that you wrote to us while also making this post, and we will make those answers and others available here in the Forum for everyone to see.

    Stay tuned!

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Laserpeter,

    We are continuing to look into this. In the coming days we will do work on B3D to address some of your concerns. In the mean time we have a few questions for you.

    Please provide more information about your question. I'm afraid we don't understand what you're asking.

    At the present time this is not possible, but that is planned for a future update.

    Please send additional information including the actual font files along with some screen shots so that we can investigate this. You can send them to Aaron McDonald in support. You already have his email address.

    We will provide a more detailed reply to your other points in a future post. In the mean time we'd like to get more input from you so we can investigate this and reply.

    Best regards,

    William Benner