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    I am trying to control Beyond (version 2 build 690) through DMX in. For testing I am sending the DMX out from a Pulsar Masterpiece into an Enttec USB Pro firmware 1.4. Then into the USB port of my laptop Windows 8.

    The Enttec is configured as input only in Beyond DMX settings. It is recognised and connected to com 3.

    The Beyond DMX monitor shows values changing when faders on the desk are moved.
    Moving faders does not seem to show any changes to the output window, ie no cues are loaded and the laser ouput stays at disabled!
    What other settings do I have to make, to show something?

    Also DMX set up (input option) Highlighting a channel and function no longer gives any info...... in the info box. I thought it showed possible dmx values and function for the channel.

    And do I need 'enable fb3 style DMX in control'. I'm using Not sure how or what that does.

    Noticed also that Help file for this build 690 'DMX Settings' shows different dialogue box and text!

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    Hey Keith; there is one step I see you might have missed. There is a DMX-IN button that appears when you enable the ArtNET or ENTTEC DMX input option. It is to the right of the VDJ button and must be enabled before BEYOND will react to incoming DMX signals even though the monitor is showing them being received.

    The DMX "profile" you are missing in the DMX Settings will be returned in a future build. Here is a link to the FB3-SE manual which has a table of the same channel assignment definitions: SE manual V.pdf
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    Thanks Aaron for your reply. Thanks also for the DMX chart that has helped.
    And Yes the DMX in button was not selected. but also I had not realised Channel 3 had a blackout DMX range as well as channel 1.

    The DMX in function is now working.-@

    A couple of other related questions.
    It looks like when controlled via DMX from a desk, You just control the Blackout function. So I presume you leave the enable/disable laser output switched on as you have no control over this. Is that correct?

    And DMX settings input option has a button for edit page and cue channel mapping. is that enabled? I am not sure how that works and can't find help for it? I would like to be able to use page numbers higher than 9 ?

    Thank you
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    I am glad to hear it was the "easy button".

    Yes, you would hit the Enable Laser button in BEYOND before your show and control everything from your console using the 0-30 blackout range on channel 1 or 3 (access or cue).

    Yes, you can change the page and cue assignments from that menu. Mine is defaulted to 15 and I changed it to the last page, 27, and moving my DMX value to 255 changed BEYOND to page 27.