Beyond and Kinect = Laserman ?

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    Hi Forum,

    The complete story:

    After buying a new laser computer with Win10, I could not use the Phoenix live any more – because it doesn’t work under Win10. An update is promised since two years.

    Therefore, I changed to Pangolin Quickshow and so got in contact with GT-Tech Dirk Gantefort.

    On his website, I saw the Laserman video Especially my wife was exited. So I contacted Dirk and asked him for details.

    He also offered me the Quickshow -> Beyond Ultimate upgrade, because I can use the same FB4 interface.

    Even if the Beyond solution would has double the price, I selected it.

    As the Kinect was not included, I bought a Kinect, but it was the v2.

    Unfortunately, the v2 does not work at the Beyond. I was very sad about this, because the v2 is much better than the v1.

    Ok, I bought a used Kinect v1, as new ones are not offered any more.
    With the Kinect v1 and the Beyond Ultimate I have followed to videos to setup and create interactive figures.

    Unfortunately, this is not what I have searched for, because there is no way, that the laser beams hit my hands. Of course, I can move them, but as the position of the Kinect camera is not the same as the Laser scanner, there is a transformation of the coordinate systems necessary.

    This seems not to be supported by Beyond, but it is in older software.

    The setting is done - see attachment.

    Am I right or have I forgotten some setting in Beyond ?


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    Dear Axel,

    Thanks for contacting Pangolin and for writing to our support forum.

    Posting to our support forum will indeed get you valuable information and support about Pangolin products, and we prefer you to post here rather than on other forums that we do not monitor. However, when you need immediate attention, there is no substitute for a telephone call.

    Have you tried calling us on the telephone? We often answer the phones nearly 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, and there is also a support phone number in Germany manned by Daniel Radke who offers support in German.

    A few comments are below.

    I certainly don't recall Pangolin ever promising a Phoenix update for Windows 10 two years ago. Nevertheless a Phoenix update that supports Windows 10 is certainly available now, and has been available (in one form or another) for around six months.

    We are sorry to hear that you have struggled through this. We will need to inquire with Dirk as to whether there was a discussion about the version of Kinect. I believe our documentation that comes with BEYOND and the tutorial video does explain this.

    Moreover, I will very strongly disagree that v2 is better than v1, that's for sure. Unfortunately in recent years, many newer Microsoft products are worst than older versions... (For example, how does VISTA compare with XP? How does Windows 8 compare with Windows 7?)

    In any event -- to address your exact concerns regarding "calibration" let me say that your application is a bit different from what we intended for the product -- and nowhere in our documentation or tutorial videos do we ever promise to be able to do exactly what it is that you are wanting to do here.

    Nevertheless, I think you've got a good point, and it is one that we can address with you directly, with a software update.

    Please contact us directly -- either by telephone or by email, and we will get into a dialog so that we make the changes needed to support your own application with Kinect.

    Best regards,

    William Benner