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    The >>> buttons surrounding the sliders in the Color oscillator area appear to be backwards... the ones on the right decrease the value, and the ones on the left increase the value. This is the reverse of all the other areas on the screen. Seems like they should be >>> for increase and <<< for decrease?

    Also, the color oscillator doesn't work properly if the "white" color in the color cycling box is checked. If, say, G OSC is set to zero, and the 'white' color in the color cycling box is selected, you can still manipulate the color oscillator controls and see effects, but green will still be included in the color mix.
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    Thanks for information. Regarding arrow buttons - yes, stupid mistake, next version will work correctly. Regarding the R,G,B oscillators/modulators. It is a bit tricky. R,G,B added in BEYOND, original Abstract frame has Color cycle section only. The new R,G,B block work after, and together with the original Color cycle, what provide compatibility. The Size for R,G,B is bidirectional and define how to apply R,G,B. They can modulate the color data generated by color cycle, or they can be added with automatic gain correction. Sorry, it may sounds a bit tricky.

    I recommend to shift all RGB size sliders to -100 and see how it works. After that, all to +100, and see how ti work in this mode. And, do not forget to use Re-sync phase!.

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    Roger, thanks for the tips! I enjoy playing with all of the controls and seeing how they affect the image. I have a reasonable handle on the classic generator now; still trying to understand how the different controls in the Beyond abstract generator work. :) Great stuff!