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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by rmgamez, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. rmgamez

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    I just bought Beyond and I'm trying to use it with 2 RGB projectors. One connected to and QM2000 and the other one to An FB3.

    Everything works fine till I try to control them through DMX. I use an Enttec DMX USB Pro. The thing is that the button that says DMX In, when I press it it doesn't work. No way to control Beyond program. DMX works fine with the 1 projector using FB3, the Enttec and the Quickshow program.

    Can somebody help me?

  2. Lasersource

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    I don't have beyond yet. but in LD2000 you have to connect a cable (dmx -in / thru -> DB connector) on this way you can control LD2000 / live / livepro.

    I believe you can't use an other software driver to control DMX in.

    You have to use it like this:

    1/ Enttec DMX USB Pro (with another software program to send DMX signal)
    2/ DMX Cable
    3/ DMX in/thru "pangolin" extension cable (don't know the name of this one)
    4/ Than DMX in by the LD2000 cards.

    This is the way to do it with LD2000. don't know if there is any change in Beyond.
  3. jasonellemor

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    is there a setup guide?


    Have the QM net 2000 box and want to enable dmx in (from my lighting desk) to control the Beyond software

    I can see the enntec and art net in options but how to use the dmx in on the net 2000 box please?

  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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  5. MPacey

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    Enttec USB pro mkII adapter


    I've got the Enttec, USB pro mkII 2 universe version . I am seeing it in setup and can do a successful test connection but when I dismiss the setup window I get an initialization failure message on the error message tab which says it was disabled. Things would be grand if the QM2000 Dmx function worked, I hope this feature makes it up the list.
  6. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Make sure you install the old MK1 driver for the MK2. I have not been able to get it to work right with the MK2 driver installed.
  7. ENOT

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    Support of QM2000 DMX IN/OUT implemented in coming build. Currently we testing it.