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    (Translated with google)

    I sent this mail to Pangolin,

    Dear Sirs and Madames,
    next time i would like to thank you for a really great program, because i do a lot of live shows and sometimes there are very good shows, i would like to play them again afterwards.

    maybe I miss something or do not find it (always) .....?

    there is a possibility in Beyond to draw a show (to cut with)
    (at a live show I made the settings, figures, DMX, etc.)

    practically save as a show and afterwards to load back into the timeline?
    I've already talked to Dirk Grantefort, about this feature, with the hint of him that I should contact you directly

    could one ask the programmers concerned for such a function?

    I think that would be a really important and, above all, useful extension of the program.
    Furthermore, a great argument for the sale

    or are there other possibilities (program) to perform this function?

    Greetings and thank you
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    It is currently not possible to capture the cues being triggered as a way to record a live show into a "pre-programmed" timeline show. We did have a feature in BEYOND 2.0 (SLE) that would record MIDI input but I believe it was removed because it was problematic. It has not been "there" since BEYOND 2.1 was released several years ago. I will be happy to submit your request to our Development Team as a suggestion for possible future development.
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  3. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hello Jrradi,

    Can we help you with something?
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    Hello Bob, thank you for your request for help,
    As described above, I would like to have a feature in Beyond where I can record live shows for later editing.
    as I already wrote something like in some other software.
    or also: press timeline recording,
    in real time by pressing a key insert cues. that's all :)
    greeting JR