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    I'm using Beyond with QM2000.
    I set Color Palette, Scan rate & Color shift in LD.
    If I buy an FB4 will I be able to set all the above in Beyond?
    Can I use 1 FB4 for 1 projector and QM's for the other projectors and sill be able to set all projectors in Beyond?
    Can I buy this one FB4 as a piece of hardwere?
    Or do I have to buy it with Beyond license?
    I have some Beyond license from the Special launch edition and I have Beyond license that I bought for a QM that I had before.

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  2. ENOT

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    Hi Aricha,

    In this context,I recommend to consider FB4 same as FB3.
    You can do all settings of FB4 and FB3 inside BEYOND.
    For setting of Qm2000 you should use LD2000 software, same as before.
    Same as FB3, FB4 can be purchased without BEYOND. Both controllers can be used with QuickShow for free.

    Regarding BEYOND license. BEYOND require license.bmp file that contain a serial number of Pangolin hardware.
    As soon as such hardware detected, then BEYOND will be fully functional. The hardware work as a key.
    So, you need to have licensed hardware connected. In your case this is QM2000. This logic works more than ten years,
    LivePRO work exactly like this.

    Regarding SLE and FB4. You need to have BEYOND 2.1. For changing a license file from SLE to 2.1 send us an email.