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I'm running ultimate beyond 4.0 build 1093 with a fb4 firmware 8.531

The fb4 manual says the hardware has a serial port that can generate 4 universes of dmx output.
From what I understand, the fb4 in Beyond/qs mode can do quick dmx...
not sure if in dmx or artnet mode the fb4 can pas the dmx through this...I hope so

At any rate when in the dmx/art-net setup, on 'connection' tab I don't see any of these 4 outputs available for Beyond fb4 stream...I see options for 'disabled' (entec is greyed out because I don't have one plugged in) and art-net.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here..the Fb4 is in beyond mode right now, but I tired toggling to dmx mode and had no luck.


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Please download the latest version of BEYOND where the function is available.
There is also now an in app application update to make things more easy for everyone.
Get the latest installer at and you will be able to update further inside BEYOND & QuickShow it self.
I cannot seem to get this working. Do I missing something?
I have set dmx universe to beyond stream.
Activated serial dmx out in projector settings.
Enabled laser output. Set DMX channels in quickdmx. Activated QuickDMX.

There is no output also the beyond stream monitoring is giving no signal.I have the latest updates.

Loving FB4!!!
I'm looking for instructions how to control DMX devices via FB4.
ENTTEC DMX USB works just fine, but I have a few FB4 with DMX in\out and want to use Beyond to control DMX devices.
When I select FB4 stream for output nothing happens.

FB4 Stream dmx out works through the serial port on the back of the FB4. This function is NOT standard DMX. It's meant to be used inside a projector for a grating wheel or similar equipment. Its NOT the intention to bring the DMX outside the projector to control other DMX devices.
I want to connect a grating wheel on the internal serial dmx output.
Using Beyond 4.0 b1171 - fb4 fw 0.08 b0619
Enabled the BEYOND FB4 stream on universe 1 and enabled the Beyond stream to serial port (DMX) in projector settings.
Set a few values in QuickDMX (pushed Show it now)
The selected values are displayed in the DMX monitor and at the projector settings tab.
But my scopemeter doesn't measure any signals on the serial connections on the fb4. (only a steady 3.3V on both rx and tx)
Did I forget something to enable? Or any other suggestions
Hello everyone,

I have the exact same problem of the user above. I'm using a optical bench from Kvant and I tried with BEYOND 5.1 version and also with the new version 5.2.
Every checkmark is enabled like seen on the screenshot above but the optical bench is not moving. I've noticed that the grating wheel makes a snap when I turn the laser on, though.

Can I have some suggestion to solve my problem please?