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    Hi all,
    I'm testing Beyond 557
    There is an issue in the Draw program
    Create new frames (new)
    Active the snap grid
    Draw a rectangle that fills the entire area.
    You snap on the first grid point and diagonally you snap the second point to the right lower corner.
    Well, you will get a rectangle that is not snapped on grid, in fact the rectangle shape is few pixels distant from the snapped point.
    Also if you draw an horizontal line and if you try to move it with snap on the movement doesn't snap on visible grid but on virtual points.

    snap for lines works, for rectangles generates wrong snapping, for circles doesn't work
    I think that the circle bounding rectangle should snap on grid.
    It's better to add circle center-radius or center-diameter, it's more logic and cad like.

    In Draw drag and drop of images (arrow, grid, various shapes) doesn't work neither with double click.
    edit: animate object under cursor or parametrics enable painting of these shapes

    bezier editing of curves snaps on wrong grid points

    transformations of points on curves is not immediate: for example if I transform a point to vector-->cubic spline based I should see immediately the result. It works only when I leave the dialog window and click on the draw area.

    drawing straight lines (orthogonal) with ctrl pressed and snap on points "on" generates no orthogonal lines
    Why don't you add a polyline command?

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    Hi There,

    Please contact us thourgh the contact forum:


    Then we can check which version you use and if this issue is not resolved already.

    Submitting issues through the forum is not the best way.

    Best regards,