BEYOND - Important delay between audio and visual reprensentation (audio graph)

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to produce a professionnal laser show with BEYOND. I said "trying" because I have an important issue with the audio. To be sure short frames will fit perfectly with music (exp. snare in music), I sync frames with the visual audio representation (audio graph).

    When I start the show everything seems to be OK but every seconds the audio goes more and more offset. The show goes offset after 30 or 45 seconds and this offset is incrementing.

    Am I alone with this situation ? Any suggestion or workaround ?

    N.B. I'm using BEYOND 1.91 (build 603)
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    Audio delay

    We have the same problem ( Beyond 603 )

    Another problem is that you can't select only the first Beat register range (1) and thats where the "bass" is. It's select 1 and 2, i get the feeling that range 2 makes the delay on 1.

    Is it posible to display the audio filter frequence above the register range ?
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    Audio frequency analyzer made only for live performance. It is not possible that one band of analyzer makes any delay on other frequency. Also, the rangge of frequency made only for VLJ peak/beat detector. It do not touch other areas of application.

    Audio frequency analyzer work independent from audio/video playback system.

    We will be glad to use your MP3 audio file for local tests.

    Best Regards

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    Variable bit rate (vbr) instead constant bit rate can cause unsync.
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    Thanks for information! I sent a notification to our developer of AV subsystem.

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