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    Hello to all, can you tell me how to configure the Microsoft kinect CAM Beyond? I had the opportunity to see the Pangolins open day in Milan, Italy. Thank you all.
  2. ENOT

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    Version of BEYOND with Kinect in beta state, currently we waiting for feedback of testers.

    What is recommended as a start sequence in coming version:
    - Ensure that Kinect work well in your PC by means of software that comes with Kinect. There is a simple game that comes with SDK, that is good test.
    - When BEYOND recognize Kinect then at status bar of main window will appear green button with Kinect icon. Click on it and you will see Settings window.
    - Synth Image has option-panels at right side, specially for Kinect.
    - Key effects and Oscillating effects can work use various input sources, such as Audio, DMX, and so on. Kinect is one of possible “Inputsâ€￾.

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  3. dennisthemenace

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    im picking up a sensor tonight :sillylol:

    And it's not for the xbox =)

    LES LASERSHOW New Member


    Thank you await the official version:)
  5. wlan

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    I don't have an xbox either, but I have a kinect sitting right next to me and can't wait to try this out.

    Any chance we will get an update soon so we can start beta testing this? :)

    I'm excited.

  6. dennisthemenace

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    i guess that making a laser harp won't be that hard now :)
    I hope to see some kinect commands in pango script in the future. %)
  7. ENOT

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    Take a look at attached screenshot. BEYOND give an access to Kinect Skeleton data by means of special object. You can read the data, and have same information as it comes to BEYOND from MS SDK. X,Y,Z for each of 20 nodes, plus "active" property that define state of data (valid or no) for each field. Right now 81 properties. 2 objects (Skeleton1 and Skeleton2)

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  8. Rayme

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    kinect in beyond 3d

    Will we be able to connect the kinect to a model in beyond 3d to give it movement or maybe live animation to interact with audience