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  1. funkypanky

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    Good day!
    I have problem - i can't to install kinect in beyond :(
    I have kinect for xbox 360
    I installed all necessary drivers foe windows 7:
    There is no warnings in my device manager:
    Kinect works with another programs, but not with beyond.
    I tryed different Builds of Beyond - 660,653,667, but nothing happens.
    I see not this icon: [​IMG]
    Help me please!
  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Thanks for question. Support of Kinect in BEYOND is on beta phase now, and available only for the testers. That is why you can not see this icon.

    Best Regards,
  3. funkypanky

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    Алексей, добрый день!
    Я сотрудник компании Laser Show Systems (Москва).
    У нас есть лицензия Beyond и сам контроллер, но как я понимаю наша версия программы не позволяет протестировать Beyond совместно с Kinect.
    Возможно ли нам обновить нашу лицензию для того, чтобы протестировать возможности Kinect?
  4. virginiageek

    virginiageek New Member

    Is there any way other technical people can get involved as a tester? This is a cool feature and know there are others (including myself) who would like to be able to have our Kinect interact with Beyond.
  5. mkobzar

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    I have the same equipment and want to test beta version with kinect support. Thanks!
  6. ifritkh

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    Too would join the test version , since it's an interesting opportunity to create interactivity in the show
  7. ENOT

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    First of all, I want to thank you for interest to this feature. This feature require some additional work, it planned for a spring of this year. Right now we concentrating on other part of BEYOND, and shifting the accent on Kinect is not really right thing to do, This is a question of time in multiple aspects of this word – your time, our time, bad experience and so on. Let us finish our initial work, and then we will provide a version for test, review, feedback, requests and so on. Thanks for understanding.

    Best Regards,
  8. ifritkh

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    We are waiting until spring)) probably after the exhibition Prolight + Sound 2015?
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    thank you to delete this message

    it is a mistake
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    in fact I had not seen it and an outstanding option
    we have a big show for the month of May 2015
    if we can use this option
    which requires a repeat of preparation well in advance

    you think you'll end up in how long.
    and this option or we have much idea of the show
    I find it awesome
    and it can have this tester Version ??

    it's unfortunate that this is not available thé vidéo on youtube gives us thé mouth water
    and I'm frustrated to not have this option lol

    I already bought 2 sensor and it works with windows 7 64bit with some small programe
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    accented letters fonts laser with QuickShow


    The text editor takes into account accented letters fonts laser.

    Is it a problem on my pc or version of QuickShow.

    thanks for your answer

    Sorry, I was wrong forum and I can not delete it.

    Can you redirect

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    Здравствуйте Алексей! Подскажите, тема Kinect окончательно забыта или у нас есть надежда увидеть этот зелененький значок в углу экрана?:)

    С уважением! Владимир.
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  13. 00zzz00

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  14. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    It definitely works. We are showing it at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow.

    We have a tutorial video about it, completely detailing all aspects including installing the driver, on our YouTube channel.

    Check it out!
  15. 00zzz00

    00zzz00 New Member

    Thank you! You can link to videos please
  16. 00zzz00

    00zzz00 New Member

    Please ! Who can explain how popular I setup KInect

    Beyond 2.0 699B
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