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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by bikeraper, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. bikeraper

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    Hi, I`ve got 3 FB3. One is licensed with Beyond. As far as I understood Aaron some times ago, I should use every FB3 with Beyond as soon as I have one License. Bur Aaron forgot to tell me, that the FB3 I bought with Beyond has to be connected every time I use Beyond and it will always be the main projektor. That is a little bit anoying. Is there a possibility to use Beyond with every FB3 I`ve got without having the licensed one plugged in?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I apologize. I thought I replied to this a few days ago.

    I doubt I "forgot" to mention this as it is a part of my BEYOND "speech" that you can only run BEYOND when a licensed hardware controller is connected to the computer. The license is tied to the serial number of the hardware you upgraded which makes it the master controller and any other units being used are considered slave outputs.

    The only way to run a non BEYOND licensed hardware controller in BEYOND without a master controller is to purchase a BEYOND upgrade for that unit.
  3. drm916

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    Or buy another beyond license. I have been considering that.
  4. So does this mean if I want to use FB4 I will need to buy a beyond version even though I use FB3 beyond now, because my licence is locked to the fb3?

    I was thinking of selling my FB3, but this will mean I can not.
  5. Bob@Pangolin

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    As long as you connect your FB3 licensed for BEYOND to your laptop while using the FB4's they will all work with BEYOND.
  6. alanlim

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    I purchased 2nd license for BEYOND, and received license file. How to install the second license onto same computer ? can i edit the license file name eg. License_01 ?.
  7. Bob@Pangolin

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    Yes it does support multiple license files like this;

    where "*" is 1,2 til ...

    Just make sure you only rename the file and do nothing else with it!.
  8. alanlim

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    Yes ! successfully installed the 2nd license, either one of the FB3 attached will work now. Thanks Bob !.

    i have being asking my FB3 supplier about this multiple license installation, but till now not able to give the right answer. Make me headache whole day %)%):confused:,,i wonder how they sell Pangolin product with no product knowledge. Such a simple method =)