Beyond License File Issues.

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    Hello everyone, not the most sexy of topics I know but I am struggling here...

    I bought an upgrade path from QS with FB3 to Beyond "FB3" version yesterday from a retailer who asked me for my FB3 serial in order to acquire a license key from Pangolin and forward it on.

    This came through eventually as an in-line Jpeg file.

    I downloaded Beyond and installed it successfully, it prompted to update the firmware of the FB3 which it did successfully. The license file does not work as a jpeg file straight from the email and so for testing purposes I converted it to a .bmp as cleanly as possible (Though understanding this will lose data in transcription).

    Having dropped this license file in as a bitmap beyond then complains (somewhat unsurprisingly) I feel that the license key does not match the serial number of the FB3 controller (The serial key does match as far as human eye can tell).

    I have sent an email back to the retailer advising of this issue and to please send a native bitmap - he just recently got back to me and sent the same jpeg on again and suggested that this is exactly how it was received by Pangolin.

    Can anyone shed any light on what the right of it is for me please? (I did go to create a suppport ticket but the ticket system says it's down for maintenance).


    Edit: For sake's of technical completeness in my downtime on waiting for a response from the retailer I reinstalled the software (win7 x64), gave Beyond administrative right, tried different USB ports for the FB3, clean reinstalled the FB3 drivers from Pangolin directly and "have disked" them, launched the software with and without the FB3 plugged in and repeated all these steps on a different machine too. Same issue, no fix.
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    Got it sorted now.

    Allegedly there was an issue where Pangolin#s email server was converting BMP to Jpegs on outbound mail.

    Got the BMP, dropped in and works fine now anyway.